Our mission

Our clients appreciate our reliability, our flexibility and the quality of our products and services. We make consistent and sustainable investments in our facilities and employees, in order to maintain and improve the quality that sets us apart. We remain highly creative and proud of our quality, and our strength lies in the experience of our employees. Let’s continue to progress with your special projects together, with complete peace of mind.

Benjamin Chouffart, CEO.

Our vision

At Siguesol, we have decided to focus on our services by making huge investments to improve them. To this end, three areas of focus have been identified:

  • Quality: investing in training, tighter controls and more safety at all times
  • Quantity: always being ready to offer new solutions
  • Diversity: being as versatile as possible, and becoming increasingly independent by investing in equipment

However, since our services would be nothing without our products, we have also decided to invest in research and development within the company. Our research encompasses co-engineering, but also the development of foundations and the adoption of new technical strategies.

Volume and storage are also important. This is why we are actively working on strategies for different countries (earth, car ports, floating solar panels) and on the availability of raw materials.

Logistics, storage and capacity

We have decided to store our standard products and equipment ourselves. As a result, we do not rely on any suppliers.

Our large storage capacity guarantees that stock is on site without any delays.

For logistical reasons, only special and custom-made parts are created upon request and delivered directly to the site.


Action Energie, a pioneer in the solar industry, was founded in 2008. With more than 14 years of experience, we have never stopped innovating, and we stand out thanks to our creativity and expertise.

Action Energie reached a turning point in 2012. Indeed, after moving to our premises in Werbomont, at the heart of the Belgian Ardennes region, SigueSol®, our registered trademark, was born! Above all, SigueSol is a name with meaning. Sigue means to follow in Spanish, and sol means sun. Sol means sun, but it's more than that. Our core business is based around SOiL structures, and we are also proud to provide SOLutions. Indeed, in light of the solar crisis in 2012, we wanted to provide global solutions, as well as comprehensive expertise, with an emphasis on quality.

Since then, SigueSol® has continued to prove its worth and to grow. Our business is no longer limited to Belgium. We now cover France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and other European countries, taking our solutions across borders. We travel all over, regardless of the limitations or the type of soil. Furthermore, the purchase of new machines means that, today, our capacity is a minimum of 2.5 MWp of foundations per day!

At the end of 2021, the company was renamed SigueSol SRL.

Some key moments


Action Energie SPRL is founded.


The SigueSol® trademark is registered. We move to our new premises in Werbomont.


Our first site outside of Belgium is established (the Netherlands).


We purchase our fifth foundation drill.


We enter the French market.


We invest in new machines, expand our headquarters and improve our organisation.


The company is renamed Siguesol SRL.

The agri-solar range with Bifacial Vertical Flex is launched.


The first projects begin overseas and in Western Africa.