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Our Engineering department offers a wind tunnel study, calculation of static horizontal and vertical loads and an assessment of how they behave in external conditions, such as wind, snow or seismic activity. We are also able to assemble the structure using different mechanical systems, in order to avoid tension and erosion over time.

Geological studies and pull-out tests

  • Geological reports for specific foundations
  • Calculation of static values
  • Vertical and horizontal trials
  • Certified soil-testing tools
  • Methodology that complies with Eurocode 7 and the EN 1997-1 standard
  • Pull-out tests (POT) for screws and driven support columns

Civil engineering

We can handle civil engineering works, including:

  • digging trenches; 
  • installing sheaths;
  • sanding trenches.

Installation and DC connection

Installation, DC connection, labelling: we have all the equipment we need to conduct insulation tests and measure the different values inherent in the strings.

  • Voltage, 
  • Amperage...


We have all the equipment we need to install driven support columns and foundation screws, using GPS guidance.

Comprehensive options:

  • Hydraulic hammers: foundations for support columns – Height: 4,600 mm
  • Rotating 530 head – 1,030 kgm: foundations for the screws – Height: 2,100 mm
  • Down-the-hole drill (2” – 3” – 6”)
  • Pre-drilling system: 50–240 mm

Under any conditions

We have all the equipment we need to complete any kind of project, on any kind of terrain, regardless of the conditions:

  • Muddy ground? No problem. We have top-of-the-line pallet trucks and ground protection mats.
  • Rain? We have a temporary assembly factory.
  • Working at night? We have everything you need to ensure good lighting for your site, generators and more.


Wanting to protect your installation by prohibiting access to it is perfectly legitimate. To make this step easier for you, we can install fences all around the site.

Entrance gates, metal or wood fences or the installation of mesh wire: we install them all quickly and professionally, for a neat and sturdy final result.

Overall logistical management for sites

  • Habitable modules, storage containers, toilets and more.
  • Crawler forklifts
  • Ground protection mats
  • Lighting towers
  • Mast screws

  • Loading, unloading and distribution on site
  • Generators, tanks
  • On-site tents, assembly factories
  • Storage management

High-quality materials

Magnelis® coating provides exceptional resistance to corrosion, even in harsh environments.
It is the only metal coating product that is certified for use in a C5 environment. It is also the material of choice for structural components in solar farms.

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